My Wife Almost Left Me Because of My Snoring – But This Little Device Saved My Marriage

“I’m done. I’m sleeping in the guest room until you figure this out.”

When my wife stopped sleeping in our bedroom, I knew my snoring problem had become a serious problem…

(And that she wasn’t just “exaggerating” about it.)

In all honesty, I couldn’t blame her.

One night she secretly recorded me while I was sleeping. And when she played back the video for me the next day, even I thought I sounded like a 500-pound grizzly bear!

For a long time, I was too embarrassed to admit that I had a serious problem.

(I mean it’s not like I was suffocating in my sleep or anything…)

So I brushed it off every time my wife would complain.

But not having her by my side?

That was the nail in the coffin.

So I texted my buddy Randall – an Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor I played golf with from time to time.

And after asking a few questions just to be sure it wasn’t anything life-threatening (yet), he went on to share with me…

Just How Dangerous Snoring Can Actually Be!

Randall explained that snoring happens when air can’t flow easily through the mouth or nose.

When the air is forced through an obstructed area, soft tissues in the mouth, nose and throat bump into each other and vibrate.

And it’s these vibrations that make the sounds of snoring.

Randall went on to explain that snoring can cause a lot of the symptoms I was recently experiencing (but kept ignoring)…

Tossing and turning more than ever…

Feeling tired and foggy during the day…

Poor attention, concentration, and memory…

The occasional anxiety and depression…

Waking up almost every night to pee…

And while annoying, YES, what I didn’t know was that snoring can be the cause of MUCH BIGGER and MUCH SCARIER problems ahead:

  • Sleep Apnea
  • Decreased blood oxygen levels
  • Heart attack
  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Stroke
  • Type 2 diabetes

I was honestly shocked to discover just how dangerous snoring can be.

Luckily, My Doctor Friend Had the Solution To My Snoring Problem!

Randall invited me over to take a look and was able to quickly confirm that I had a nasal obstruction.

I was nervous, but he said this was actually good news. Apparently, he had just read about a clinical trial at Johns Hopkins that studied a new cutting-edge nasal expanding device. He said the device was designed for people like me, and there was a great chance it could help me breathe properly while I slept. (It’s nice to have doctor friends!)

In fact, he said it could even stop my snoring in a single night!

It’s called the Hale Breathing Aid, and it’s a practically invisible device that fits comfortably inside your nostrils and instantly eliminates snoring.

The device was actually co-created by the Chair of the ENT department at the Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Patrick Byrne. He developed Hale over the past 2 decades while treating thousands of patients suffering with the same problem I had.

You simply insert Hale into your nose…

And in just a few seconds, you can instantly breathe easier!

The power of Hale lies in its curved flare shape and spring-loaded hinges.

Unlike nasal strips, which use tiny pieces of metal to try and stretch your nose wider from the outside, Hale’s hinges gently expand your nasal cavity from the inside out.

That may not seem like a big difference, but Randall explained that Hale’s design is revolutionary for many reasons.

For starters, it makes Hale practically invisible while you wear it – AKA less embarrassing (unlike those ugly strips that stick out like a sore thumb)…

But more importantly, it means Hale targets the nasal cavity directly, which is responsible for 90% of nasal breathing problems… including snoring!

The result: Smooth, effortless breathing through your nose.

Even better, it’s designed for comfort, which means you can easily wear Hale around the clock to breathe better – it’s not just for stopping snoring!

Trust me, I know that the idea of sticking anything up your nose doesn’t exactly sound appealing…

That’s why Dr. Byrne designed Hale with soft, super-smooth polymers and cushioned padding. In fact, they even used the CAT Scan technology at Johns Hopkins while designing Hale to ensure maximum comfort. It almost feels like you aren’t wearing anything at all!

Hoping I Could Get My Wife Back Into Our Bed, I Bought A Hale Breathing Kit Right Away… And Here’s What Happened

After years of struggling with snoring, I am SO grateful that Randall recommended this device.

The first thing I noticed is that Hale is super easy to use. You literally just place it in your nose – that’s it!

The breathing kit comes with a Hale in 3 different sizes, which helps you find the most comfortable fit. (I’m a Large).

Then you just pop it into your nose with the insertion/removal tool (or your fingers), and then connect the 2 nostril pieces with the transparent plastic strip in the middle. (This keeps them from getting lodged up your nose in the middle of the night.)

It’s that simple.

I instantly felt better the moment I wore Hale for the first time. It was like I’d been breathing through a kinked hose my whole life… and in one moment, Hale unkinked it!

And just like the website said, Hale is very comfortable and barely noticeable after you get used to it.

(It took me about one week of nighttime use before I started to forget I had it in.)

MOST importantly, my snoring disappeared in one night.

My wife and I couldn’t believe it… it almost felt too good to be true! (No wonder Hale has won awards from MIT and Johns Hopkins University, is recommended by doctors, and has hundreds of positive reviews…)

Fast forward to today and I sleep with the Hale every single night.

And it’s all thanks to Hale that my wife and I are happily sharing our bed again.

That said, it’s not just the snoring going away that’s impressed me. I’m also sleeping better than ever – and I’m even starting to feel more alert and awake during the day!

Here’s Why I Recommend Hale To Anyone Who Struggles With Snoring:

Hale isn’t just an easy way to stop snoring. It’s also…

  • Practically Invisible. Hale rests gently INSIDE your nose, meaning most people won’t ever even notice it. (which – unlike nasal strips – makes Hale great for daytime use too).
  • Super Comfortable To Wear. Thanks to the Hale’s unique shape, smooth edges, and cushioned pads, the only thing you feel is a gentle pressure on the inside of your nasal cavity (and after a week or two of getting used to it, you won’t feel it at all).
  • Affordable. Surgery is crazy expensive, and nasal strips aren’t as effective… but Hale offers the perfect combination of affordability and effectiveness! (UPDATE: Hale is running a special deal right now. Keep reading for more details.)
  • Safe and Effective. Preliminary results from independent clinical trials have proven Hale to be 100% safe and more effective than nasal strips. In fact, Hale was even shown to be 95% as effective as full reconstructive surgery!
  • Easy To Clean. Similar to washing your hands, Hale can be cleaned with warm soapy water once per day right in your bathroom sink. (Then store it in the travel carry case that comes with it for extra protection when not in use.)
  • Fits All Nose Sizes. With three unique sizes, Hale fits almost any nose size or shape.

Above all else, Hale saved my marriage.

I couldn't believe how many people leave their spouses because of snoring problems. (It’s the third biggest cause for divorce in the United States – just behind infidelity and financial troubles).

But now I can sleep easy knowing I don’t have to worry about that any longer. (And I can breathe a whole lot better too!)

UPDATE AS OF May 28, 2024: Three months later, I still swear by Hale (And Right Now They’re Offering Special Discounts…)

After a few months of using my Hale, I’m proud to report my snoring never returned. My relationship with my wife is better than ever, and I even feel better too. All those years of feeling groggy during the day, and downing caffeine at work just to stay awake, are now far behind me.

I just slip Hale in right before I go to bed and everyone is happy!

I don’t go a night without it.

If you or a loved one snores, I cannot recommend the Hale Breathing Aid enough! And it’s a great time to try it – because Hale is now offering a limited-time special deal for first-time customers.

I recommend the Buy 3, Get 2 FREE bundle so you can avoid having to make extra shipping payments and have extras on hand to use or gift to family and friends.

If you’re struggling with snoring, you have to try Hale – it could change your life for the better!

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